Have you ever dreamed of finding relief from your menopausal symptoms?

Well now you can...

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Menopause is not a disease as many may have you believe; it is a new phase of life. For many women this transition can be empowering and enriching given the right circumstances.

Rather than viewing menopause as an end, it can be seen as a beginning - a time to embrace change and explore new opportunities.

There are more than 40 symptoms and many of them can be managed naturally. Some of the common ones you may be experiencing could be:

Hot flushes

Night sweats

Irregular periods

Mood swings



Vaginal dryness

Decreased libido

Weight gain

Hair thinning or loss

First of all, let us introduce ourselves!

We are a husband and wife team who have collaborated to bring a unique combination of nutrition and deep mindet work to ensure a sustainable transformation to our clients.

Nutritional therapy

Hello everyone!

My name is Jeyanthi Nair. I help women balance their hormones through nutrition and health coaching and bring vitality and exuberance to their lives. I specialise in perimenopause and menopause as I am in that stage of life and can understand what women are going through. I am a registered nutritional therapist and have gained a qualification from (CNM) College of Naturopathic Medicine, London. I run retreats and group programmes for women in perimenopause and menopause and I am a professional speaker.


Hi, I'm Sukan Nair.

I used to struggle with an overactive mind and a critical inner voice that drained my energy and self-confidence. I tried various things like reading insightful books, listening to podcasts, following self-help experts, and practicing yoga and meditation to bring about change. While these experiences improved my understanding of the underlying issues and reduced my anxiety, they didn't provide a permanent solution.

But then, I discovered Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT), which fascinated me with its potential for lasting change in the brain. After achieving remarkable results with my clients, I decided to pursue a BWRT coaching diploma to further my expertise.

Now, I'm passionate about helping others overcome their fears of success and failure, and empowering them to lead their best lives.

Are you feeling stiff, and have achy joints disrupting your daily life during menopause? Uncontrollable weight gain taking over? Or perhaps your mood swings are out of control....


Explore how targeted nutritional therapy can offer a path to liberation. Discover a holistic approach that addresses underlying causes, replenishes vital nutrients, and restores your wellbeing. Say goodbye to discomfort and reclaim your vitality with tailored nutrition strategies designed to soothe your body from within. Embrace freedom from pain and stride confidently into this new chapter of life.

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What is BWRT?

BWRT BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT) is an advanced model of psychotherapy developed by UK therapist Terence Watts, MCGI. This innovative therapy is designed to offer fast and effective treatment for a wide range of issues, including those related to menopause. BWRT is rooted in the latest findings in neuroscience and, unlike traditional therapy, it does not require the client to recount painful memories or experiences to the therapist.

BWRT addresses menopause-related mindset issues by discovering what the client wants to address. These could include anxiety, depression, mood swings, self-esteem issues, or any other psychological symptoms that have arisen or worsened during menopause.

There are 3 reasons why it's important to manage your health in menopause:

1: Quality of Life

Managing health during menopause can significantly impact a woman's quality of life. Menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and sleep disturbances can greatly disrupt daily activities and overall well-being. By prioritising health management strategies such as regular exercise, balanced nutrition, adequate sleep, and stress reduction techniques, women can mitigate these symptoms and maintain a higher quality of life during this transitional phase.

2: Reduced Risk of Chronic Conditions

Menopause is associated with hormonal changes that can increase the risk of developing certain chronic health conditions such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic disorders like diabetes. Engaging in preventive health measures such as regular physical activity, maintaining a healthy weight, and consuming a nutrient-rich diet can help reduce the risk of these conditions and promote long-term health and vitality.

3: Long-Term Wellbeing

Investing in health management during menopause can have long-term benefits for overall well-being and longevity. Adopting healthy lifestyle habits and seeking appropriate care can not only alleviate immediate symptoms but also promote better health outcomes in the years following menopause. By taking proactive steps to manage health during this transitional period, women can lay the foundation for a healthier and more fulfilling life as they age.

Our program: Natural Menopause Roadmap


All the steps required to optimise your perimenopause and menopause journey. This program includes group coaching, prerecorded videos and bespoke 121 sessions. We cover everything you need to provide a sustainable solution.


Accountability partner to keep you on track and help you achieve your goals. This will help increase motivation, get clearer with your goals and action plan and improve commitment and consistency.


A timeline session as an extra 121 session where we map out a chronological order of events in your life from birth to the present to explore life trajectories across life stages.


And if you join within 48 hours of our complimentary call, you will get a gift: 1 month completely free!

Jey and Sukan have gathered many amazing testimonials across various platforms

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Let us support you every week in your journey!

Would you like to be coached every week in your journey into having the best second part of your life?

Well now you can!

When you join our NMR (Natural Menopause Roadmap program you will be invited into the caring support of our hub.

Imagine being sympton-free and also stepping into the power of believing in yourself to feel the best you have ever felt in terms of fitness, energy and clarity of mind, and you have the opportunity to inspire your friends and family on their journey towards better health.

In this comprehensive program, we'll share the exact methoodolgy that has helped me in my own perimenopause journey so you can do the same!

You will start to make better choices effortlessly

Know that you deserve to take care of yourself.

You deserve to believe in yourself. You will develop the ability to be more confident in your decisions and knowing what works in your body.

Taking care of our health makes us independent and responsible for ourselves without relying on anyone else.

Experiences of our clients


The BWRT sessions were enlightening. They allowed me to identify and redirect deep-rooted patterns that were not necessarily serving me well into new and positive pathways. I experienced an immediate impact after my first session. Sukan was gentle in his approach but also assertive in supporting me in digging deep.


Sukan is a generous coach, authentic in his approach and passionate about empowering his clients to step into their absolute potential. Sukan perfectly balances the empathetic approach with a tough-love stance, and has called me out on many things, challenging me to think deeper and come to powerful realisations about my habits, fears and inhibitions.


I met with Sukan to help with my extreme anxiety and nerves. This was normally heightened before certain events, such as presentations and interviews etc. Sukan was friendly and quickly made me feel at ease and comfortable. I felt like he understood me and the way I felt. The affects were immediate and I honestly cannot believe it. I would highly recommend Sukan and would definitely go back to him.


Absolutely amazing!! Couldn't recommend enough. I have not only gained so much knowledge but Jey has given me my life back.

I have been able to develop a good relationship with food and with my mind.


A huge thanks to Jey who really did impact my health and wellbeing and help me reach my health goals through a very difficult period in my life.


You can't go wrong with Jey's advice. What's particularly wonderful is that it's easy to implement and designed around your individual needs. I highly recommend Jey, not only for her work but for the continued care towards her clients.

Check out what some of ourenroled clients say about our program!

What will you find in the program?

Online video lessons

Targeted for perimenopausal and menopausal women

Clear instructions

Cloud Based (watch it anywhere you want)

All the support you need throughout the program

Powerful bespoke 121 sessions

Amazing Weekly Live Support

All you need included

Who is this program for?

Anyone who is going through perimenopause or menopause and would like to manage it naturally

Do you help with HRT administrations?

No, that is not something we help with although this program is very supportive with managing your symptoms alongside HRT

How do I find out if this program is for me?

You can sign up for our newsletter and book a call with us.